2020 September Programs

Sept. 1-4 -- HCBC Family Week #4 (cont.)

Sept. 11 -- Bedford County "Christians for Missions" KL presentation @ 7pm

Sept. 16 -- Wed. Night Bible Study and BGMC services resume @ GT @ 7pm

Sept. 18-20 -- Hyndman Camp Counselors' Retreat @ Hyndman Campground

Sept. 30 -- FCA Jr.-Sr. High Chapel @ 12:30pm


2020 October Programs

Oct. 14-18 -- Revival Services @ Prosperity Christian Church @ 7pm


Oct. 20 -- Tentative start date for HHCS Elementary RT  

Oct. 27 -- HHCS Elementary RT





            On this rather busy day when folks are thinking about many different things such as Sunday church services, impeachment hearings, the first round of primary caucus voting for this presidential election cycle, the State of the Union speech, and some sort of football championship game to be watched along with a plethora of snack foods (just to name a few things that have people talking), it is also time for me to once again present to you the annual Gregorio Groundhog Day KnightLights update e-mail. 


            Last year marked our eighteenth summer of original KnightLights programming presentations and services.  (If you are at the very least moderately competent with math, you have already figured out that that would make this year our nineteenth anniversary of ministering as a team.)  In that stretch of time, you can imagine that we have encountered many scenarios and situations that have been the source of both thanksgiving and heartache.  Including Miss April and Mr. Nate’s years of service as CEF summer missionaries, our team has interacted with young people and their families consistently and consecutively in three separate decades.  Yet, even with that background of experience, our team ran into a new ministry challenge last year for the very first time. . . a challenge that would be faced multiple times in at least three different states.


Through conversations and interactions, a concerning matter was brought to our attention on almost a weekly basis.  Although this issue materialized in the form of the verbalization of gender-identity “crises” in students as young as seven, godly wisdom directs us to see that this is merely one symptom of a much larger problem.  Our dear friends, please understand that our children and teens are enduring an intense ethical and spiritual attack on the basic premise that there is a standard for absolute truth in this world.  The beliefs of moral relativity and subjective truth are being shoved upon them with force.  The church would be wise to address this foundational assault on the authority of Scripture in a practical and balanced way.  It is our desire to be a part of that effort with our new KnightLights main program for this year which is entitled:  “20/20 Vision.”  The tagline for this program is:  “Life is only clear when viewed through the lens of Scripture!”


The overriding theme of the program will be the reiteration that there is indeed absolute truth and morality in this world, and that truth can be found in the infallible, authoritative Word of God.  A variety of segments will be incorporated throughout the program to present this concept.  The Bible lessons themselves will involve a study of the “trustworthy sayings” from the “pastoral epistles” of I & II Timothy and Titus.  Abbie & Lincoln as well as Chevanna & Kevin will be joined by several of the other KnightLights puppets in a variety of program segments.  Red & Pentagon plan to head to the recording studio for some more KnightLights parody action, and this year might even see the program debut of two new KL puppet team members.


            As of the typing of this update, Miss April’s Christian biography segment is still being formulated—in fact, similar to what we had done with the “Majoring on the Majors” program, we may feature two separate biographies throughout the course of this endeavor.  Stay tuned for the final decision on that one.  I will contribute another selection of my “storios” for our new theme, and also this year, we plan to incorporate rounds of a game show called “Actual or Retractable.”


            As I bring this update to a close, I will remind you of how you can contribute to help meet the expense needs of our team.  Currently, the main pressing financial obligations include purchasing a variety of props and presentation tools that are pertinent to the presentations for this year, and of course, taking care of the van and other equipment obligations.  If you feel led to help contribute financially to the concerns of our team, checks could be written out to either Nathan or April Elliott, and then write “KnightLights ministry gift” in the memo section. 


Our contact information is:


Nathan & April Elliott

507 East Penn St.

Bedford, PA  15522         

phone:  (814)-623-5251       



            Thank-you for your friendship, your prayers, and your support!  If you have not yet “liked” our team’s Facebook page, please do so as a way of keeping up with us on a more regular basis.  On Facebook we can be found at “The KnightLights.” 


            Man’s “wisdom” devoid of God’s truth will always lead to foolishness.  That is why we can say with confidence:  “Life is only clear when viewed through the lens of Scripture!”  May we all have a solid, spiritual “20/20 Vision!” 


Your groundhog buddy in Christ,




2/2/2019 - The KnightLights News

Gregorio's KL Groundhog Day Update



            I hope that this message finds things thawing out for you. Things have truly been frigid around here for sure the past couple of days, but maybe things will warm up a little bit as I once again present to you the annual Gregorio Groundhog Day KnightLights update e-mail.  


            If there is any other time of the year that gets me as excited as today’s particularly beloved of all holidays (which, quick rabbit. . . or should I say. . . groundhog trail here. . . thanks to Bryan and Kim Esworthy for their faithfulness throughout the years in sending our team Groundhog Day greetings via the U.S. Postal Service), I would have to say that it is the Christmas season.  Being that most of our main KnightLights programs are held in the summer, spring, and fall, we do not typically do a lot of Christmas themed full-week presentations.  Don’t get me wrong, we are grateful for the shorter winter time events that some of you have scheduled us for in the past, but to date, we have not yet done a full week’s worth of KnightLights programming that focuses on some of the spiritual truths that relate to the Christmas season.  That all changes with the theme for the 2019 KnightLights main program which is entitled:  “Christ‘mas’ the Whole Year Through.”  The tagline for this program is:  “The entire world would benefit from a lot ‘more Christ!’”


The Bible lessons for this program will focus on various prophecies about Christ, the Messiah, with an emphasis not only on the work He has already done on the behalf of humanity, but also on what He is yet to do.  Due to the wordplay with the program title, Alejandro & Betsy will make a return to set up the events of each day’s session. Abbie & Lincoln will provide introductions for this year’s Bible verses, while Chevanna & Kevin will be doing a segment on Christmas traditions from around the world.  While Red & Pentagon are currently working on a new theme song, they may also have time to squeeze in some other projects during our preparation stage.  We just might even have a new puppet friend join our team this year as well.


            Miss April’s Christian biography segment will cover the life of Franklin Graham and will also highlight the ministry of Samaritan’s Purse and the Operation Christmas Child project.  Those of you who have attended KnightLights full-week programs in the past know that we also feature appearances from special guests (such as Miss Nomer, The Nacho Man Nomore Baggage, and The Duct Tape Guru). This year, to correspond with our Christmas theme, we are anticipating the premier of an individual known as The Silent Knight.


            Speaking of this year’s festive concept, Mr. Nate created a new review game that already made its debut during the Covenant Church retreat in January.  It is a game that is called “Snowball Fight.”  In addition to Red & Pentagon’s parodies, other applicable Christmas themed songs will be incorporated in this year’s presentations. At each location we plan to do an audience interactive voting event called “The Grinch of the Day.”  For my own segment, I plan to present an informative study on unusual holidays from around the world.


            That gets you caught up on what is bouncing around in our brains for the 2019 main program.  Thank you to all who blessed our team during the September “dollar-for-dollar” gift match.  We were able to take care of several equipment needs as a result.  Currently, the main area of financial need for the team is addressing issues on the van, such as the traction control and some other items. As before, if you feel led to help contribute financially to this concern of our team, checks could be written out to either Nathan or April Elliott, and then write “KnightLights ministry gift” in the memo section.  Our contact information is:


Nathan & April Elliott

507 East Penn St.                phone:  (814)-623-5251

Bedford, PA  15522           email: 



            Thank-you for your friendship, your prayers, and your support, and please have a great Groundhog Day!  Also, if you have not yet “liked” our team’s Facebook page, please do so as a way of keeping up with us on a more regular basis.  On Facebook we can be found at “The KnightLights.”


Your groundhog buddy in Christ,




2/2/2018 - The KnightLights News

Gregorio's KL Groundhog Day Update

    On a day in which other groundhogs’ thoughts are consumed with snow, I find myself being overwhelmed with water.  I am not talking about a rainstorm from outside. . . I am talking about the leak from the upstairs sink at the KnightLights home base that flooded the bathroom and also made some of its way down into the living room.  After helping with some damage control, I now have relocated myself to the computer as it is once again time for me to present to you the annual Gregorio Groundhog Day KnightLights update e-mail.  

    Some of you know that one of the ways in which we prepare for new KnightLights main programs is that we keep an ongoing list to record ideas with potential for additional development as we are out and about our travels.  Sometimes it could be a concept for a new puppet audition. (Which, by the way, if you check out our web-site at:, you can see the new puppet husband and wife duo which will be serving with us for the first time this coming year in the “Our Newest Team Members” section.)  Other times the notes could be potential titles or actual lyrics for a new parody of Red’s.  The bulk of these scribal recordings, though, are ideas for future KnightLights programs.  An entry on that list which was added during a revival service in which Mr. Nate was the speaker for the adults and Miss April and Mr. Philip simultaneously conducted a program for the children birthed the proposal for our 2018 main program.

    This year’s main KnightLights program will have a Seussical (yes, as in Dr. Seuss) flair to it, as it will be our joy to present to you:  “Do You Love the Great I Am?”  In fact, our rather artistic friends, Josh and Wei Wong from Covenant Church in NYC have already taken pictures of Miss April, Mr. Philip, and Mr. Nate and converted them into cartoon characters to go along with the conceptual theme of this program!

    The Bible lessons for this new series will be a study on the “I Am” statements of Jesus as recorded in the books of John and Revelation.  For only the second time ever during a main KnightLights program (with the first time being the year we did “Gracebook”) there will be daily handouts that correspond with the Bible lessons.  The Christian biography segment will highlight missionary H. B. Garlock.  Another visitor from the past. . . everybody’s favorite strict schoolmarm, Miss Nomer. . .  just might be making a reappearance this year.  Red is working on a new song and I plan to have another series ready to go for you.  On that note, please check out both Red’s new album as well as my fourth CD which will be available at our various venues of service.  Other KnightLights team puppets will be on hand to minister, and Mr. Nate promises to have a new review game developed for this summer.

    As in other aspects of life, children’s ministry sometimes comes with its own type of “casualties of war.”  While doing one of our programs, a young man decided to walk through an area that was previously explained to be “off limits” and as a result damaged our projector to the point that we can no longer use it.  (The damage is beyond a mere light bulb replacement.)  We also need to replace the laptop that we use for KnightLights powerpoints as it has frozen on us for extended awkward periods of time recently.  As before, if you feel led to help contribute financially to these specific financial needs of our team, checks could be written out to either Nathan or April Elliott, and then write “KnightLights ministry gift” in the memo section.  Our contact information is:

Nathan & April Elliott
507 East Penn St.               
Bedford, PA  15522  


phone:  (814)-623-5251             


    Thank-you for your friendship, your prayers, and your support, and please have a great Groundhog Day!  Also, if you have not yet “liked” our team’s Facebook page, please do so as a way of keeping up with us on a more regular basis.  On Facebook we can be found at “The KnightLights”.

Your groundhog buddy in Christ,


P.S.—Here is an update on the bathroom leak problem.  The repairman was here while this was being typed and was on his way to the hardware store to get a replacement part for the sink. Shortly after he walked out of the house, he came back in and said, “Hey, here’s one for your sermon.  I have no idea how it happened, but when I went out to my truck to go get the part for your sink there was a brand new one—the exact piece I was headed to the store to buy—on my seat and I don’t know how to explain it!”  Well, considering that we serve the God Who is the Great I Am, the answer is obvious to me!

9/25/17- The KnightLights News

Two New KnightLights Albums Headed for Production

On Monday, September 25, 2017, Gregorio, Red and Pentagon will be headed to the studios of Soaring Eagle Productions to produce the next two KnightLights albums.  Gregorio will be working on his fourth CD, while Red and Pentagon will finally be getting around to record what was originally intended to be their debut album until the "Chosen" project preempted it.  We appreciate your prayers for the team as they work on these endeavors.

2/2/2017 - The KnightLights News

Gregorio's KL Groundhog Day Update


    After one more revolution around the sun, we find ourselves here together once more for the annual Gregorio Groundhog Day KnightLights update e-mail.  

    Sixteen years ago, the original KnightLights team (comprised of Mr. Nate, Miss April, and Miss Danielle Reider) worked into the wee hours of several nights simply coming up with the basic tidbits of information that an upstart ministry team would need to address.  What type of format would their programs take?  What variety of programs would they offer?  How would committing to being strictly a faith-based ministry as opposed to one that charged set fees affect their availability to function?  Who on the team would be responsible for what?  How would the team be able to schedule a full summer’s worth of programs, considering the fact that they had never functioned as their own entity up until that point?

    And perhaps the biggest question of all. . . what would this new group call itself?  (If you have been to a full week of a KnightLights program before, you may already know the sad story of how “A Guy, Two Blondes, and Some Other Dummies” did not make the final cut in this quite important category.)  And the winner after much discussion was, as you all now know:  The KnightLights.  That was sixteen years ago, and during that time span we have never officially done an entire main program that focuses on our team’s name as the theme of the actual program.  That all changes with the arrival of the 2017 summer ministry season.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
    Although as of the writing of my annual Groundhog Day update the new program is still untitled, I have plenty of information about it which I will be able to share with you.

    The Bible lessons for this new program will be a study on the armor of God as discussed in Ephesians 6, with most, if not all, of the Bible verses for this new program coming from this section of Scripture.  The theme verse will be Eph. 6:12, which will be a topic that will be addressed each day by a brand new KnightLights character—a throwback for all of you out there who might admit to being a fan of professional wrestling during the era of the 1980’s—The Nacho Man “Nomore” Baggage!  (Ohh, yeah, he’s ready to dig into it!)

    For those of you who have enjoyed Grandpa’s segments in the past, get ready, because two are better than one—as this year Grandma will make her puppet debut with our team.  Chevanna & Kevin will be sharing some real-life Christian military mini-bio sessions.  Abbie & Lincoln have been given the task of conducting a new segment entitled “Old School, New School, and God’s School.”  In addition to some songs that will be sung in their original form, Red promises to have a new song parody ready to go for us.  Miss April’s Christian biography segment will focus on the lives of William and Catherine Booth, and I (your beloved groundhog buddy) am working on a new series which I call “Gregorio Presents:  Battleplan Blunders.”  Oh, and I suppose I better not forget to give you a heads up on the new review game that the team has in store for you this year.  It is called:  “Nacho vs. Salsa.”  (Yep, you read that one correctly.) 

    We look forward to being able to present this new program that the Lord is formulating in our minds.  That brings us to the main financial need of the team for 2017.  After plenty of times of breaking down or giving us problems at Camp Albryoca, the Cumberland Grace Brethren Church, and numerous other locations, the SUV finally died on us. . . before it was paid off, I might add.  We had to replace it with a van.  As before, if you feel led to help contribute financially to this specific financial need of our team, checks could be written out to either Nathan or April Elliott, and then write “KnightLights ministry gift” in the memo section.  Our contact information is just slightly different now:

Nathan & April Elliott
507 East Penn St.             phone:  (814)-623-5251
Bedford, PA  15522           email: 

    Thank-you for your friendship, your prayers, and your support, and please have a great Groundhog Day!

Your groundhog buddy in Christ,



2/2/2016 - The KnightLights News

Gregorio's KL Groundhog Day Update




            Hello to you on one of our most beloved of all American holidays. . . after Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, of course.  It is Groundhog Day, and that means that today is the day that I send out the annual update on what the KnightLights’ team has planned for our main program for this calendar year.  So sit back, relax, grab a mug of hot chocolate and read along as I present to you this year’s edition of the Gregorio annual Groundhog Day update.


            Our world is indeed changing.  Challenges are being thrown at the Christian faith here in the United States that have never been areas of concern previously.  Last year The KnightLights team worked with some brothers and sisters in Christ in Asia who bravely and courageously lived out their faith in a dangerous environment on a daily basis.  Each morning when they wake up they make a conscious decision:  who am I going to live for today?  Their choice has already been made.  They choose Christ! 


            The name of this year’s upcoming main program is “Point of Decision.” As an interesting “behind the scenes” insight for you, the development of this program was quite different from our fourteen previous ones.  (Yes, believe it or not, this is actually year fifteen for The KnightLights ministry team!)  The one aspect of this particular program which we had decided upon even back during the previous summer was the Christian biography segment:  we knew that we felt led to do a study on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  The rest of the program got filled in with time.  Our Bible lessons will be a thematic study of various passages of Scripture that highlight individuals who found themselves at a crisis moment, or a “point of decision” if you will, in which they had to make a critical choice.  Some of the accounts we will highlight will include those who chose wisely, and some will relate what happened when some chose poorly.  (And interestingly enough. . . especially if you reread my update e-mail from last year. . . for the first time in fifteen years, our team is finally doing a Bible lesson on Noah!)  The other Bible lessons will discuss the lives of:  Abraham & Lot; Rehoboam; the disciples when they appeared before the Sanhedrin; and interestingly enough, you and me as seen through Jesus’ parable of the two builders.  The other KnightLights’ puppets will be there to help teach the Bible verses and to reiterate the spiritual truths of the Bible lessons.  The current word on the street is that there may be a new character that shows up for a new segment. . . and man, does he have an interesting name. . . he is known as the “Mr. Smiley Face Sticker Man.”  Red and Pentagon currently have a new theme song parody in the works, and I plan to have a new set of storios ready to go for your entertainment and edification purposes.  The team is also considering doing a daily end-of-the-session court room showdown, similar to what we did during our 2003 program.  Judge Judy should be proud.


            This is also the time of the year in which we inform you of a tangible, practical way in which you could be a blessing to our team.  The main equipment need that we are facing in 2016 is that we need to replace our current sound system.  We especially use this during our camp programs, at churches without sound systems, and also for the programs at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference.  Your help in this area is greatly appreciated.


            As before, if you feel led to help contribute financially to the needs of our team, checks could be written out to either Nathan or April Elliott, and then write “KL gift” in the memo section.  Our contact information is:


Nathan & April Elliott

432 East Penn St. 2nd Floor                             phone:  (814)-623-5251

Bedford, PA 15522                                      



            Thank-you for your friendship, your prayers, and your support.  As the world is becoming increasingly antagonistic toward God and His Word, each and every day is becoming a clear “Point of Decision” for each of us.  Who will you serve?  God or this world?  Christ or yourself?  We pray that you will not be blind to the truth, and that you will have the spiritual courage to do what’s right.  And make sure you take the time to enjoy the rest of your Groundhog Day!



Your groundhog buddy in Christ,




3/7/2015 - The KnightLights News

Special Program for May 2015

In May of 2015, our team will be doing a rather unique, and special program.  If you would like to learn more about this endeavor, or perhaps even partner with us, please contact us.  We would love to discuss with you what the Lord is doing in this situation!

2/21/2015 - The KnightLights News

The KnightLights Web-site Begins

Mr. Philip begins the initial work for "The KnightLights" web-site.

12/30/2014 - The KnightLights News

New CD Released!

Back in December of 2014 our newest CD was released to the public.

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